Abba and Naima provide authentic high quality, flavorful Ethiopian food to the Buffalo community

Lucy is the first official Ethiopian Restaurant established in Buffalo, New York! Ethiopian owners, Abba and Naima, are committed to providing authentic high quality, flavorful Ethiopian food to the Buffalo community. Lucy is a family-friendly, casual environment that has options for everyone. But why did we name our restaurant "Lucy"?

In 1974 Dr. Donald Johnson and his team of paleontologists were conducting an archeological dig in the known area as known the Afar Triangle near Hadar, Ethiopia. They found a partially exposed skeleton. This remarkable find was discovered to be the earliest known representative of the human ancestry of the entire world. The skeleton was a 25 years old female that had lived approximately 3.2 million years ago. Later in that night, there was much celebration and excitement over the discovery of what looked to be a fairy complete hominid skeleton. There was drinking, Dancing and singing; the Beatles' song "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" as playing over and over. At some point during that night (no one remembers when and whom by) the skeleton was given the name "Lucy".

We are very delighted to pay a tribute to this great discovery, by naming our restaurant "Lucy". We appreciate all our customers and we look forward to see you frequently at our Cuisine and we hope you feel at home on your visit!